Welcome to my world of digital madness. I grew up a well traveled southern child of the late 60's throughout the 70's and was heavily influenced by Sci-fi Movies, Comic Books, Dangerous Toys, Road Side Attractions, Fake Wrestling, Politically Incorrect TV, Car Racing, Kiss Concerts and just knowing the future always looked bright. Then came the 80's and Art School and spending some time in Europe and things were never quite the same. My eyes had been reopened to an amazing new view on everything from art and architecture to the many different cultures I had never seen before.




            When you look at my art, you seeing a part of me. I often say I had a "Zen like experience" when many of my favorite images were created over the past 30 years of being an artist. When I felt like I was one with my camera, scanner or computer, the magic would just happen. Every piece I create is a compilation of layers using the images from those moments of captured time and each part has a unique story.




            My art usually begins in the physical (analog) world and is converted to the computer (digital) universe of organized digits where everything consists of 1's and 0's and anything can happen there. We all live in a physical, spiritual & quantum state. Nothing is what it seems and everything is joined or separated by small parts that are either in harmony or in chaos. Being a digital artist helps me look at the bigger picture of nature and my subconscious. It helps me combine my dreams with my reality and the existence I'm currently living in.




            People often ask me why my art looks so dirty? I usually just say "I kinda like it that way. Take a closer look and see what's inside all that dirt". Maybe it's my influence from watching "Star Wars" way too many times over the years and I'm guided by "The Force".




Thanks to all for taking the time to read this.


To make art is to be!